tear1 [ter]
tore, torn, tearing [ME teren < OE teran, to rend, akin to Ger zehren, to destroy, consume < IE base * der-, to skin, split > DRAB1, DERMA1]
1. to pull apart or separate into pieces by force; rip or rend (cloth, paper, etc.)
2. to make or cause by tearing or puncturing [to tear a hole in a dress]
3. to wound by tearing; lacerate [skin torn and bruised]
4. to force apart or divide into factions; disrupt; split [ranks torn by dissension]
5. to divide with doubt, uncertainty, etc.; agitate; torment [a mind torn between duty and desire]
6. to remove by or as by tearing, pulling, etc.: with up, out, away, off, etc. [to tear a plant up by its roots, to tear oneself away]
1. to be torn
2. to move violently or with speed; dash
1. the act of tearing
2. the result of a tearing; torn place; rent
3. a rushing pace; great hurry
5. Slang a carousal; spree
tear at
to make violent, pulling motions at in an attempt to tear or remove
tear down
1. to wreck or demolish (a building, etc.)
2. to dismantle or take apart [to tear down an engine]
3. to cause to disintegrate
4. to controvert or disprove (an argument, etc.) point by point
tear into
Informal to attack impetuously and, often, devastatingly
tear it
Slang to be that which brings about final failure, defeat, frustration, loss of patience, etc. [that tears it!]
SYN.- TEAR1 implies a pulling apart by force, so as to lacerate or leave ragged edges [to tear wrapping paper ]; RIP1 suggests a forcible tearing, especially along a seam or in a straight line [to rip a hem ]; REND, a somewhat literary term, implies a tearing with violence [the tree was rent by a bolt of lightning ]
tear2 [tir]
[ME tere < OE tēar, teagor, akin to Ger zähre < IE * daru, tear > OL dacrima (> L lacrima), Gr dakryon]
1. a drop of the salty fluid secreted by the lacrimal gland to lubricate the eyeball, kill bacteria, etc.: in humans, tears may flow for emotional reasons due to the tightening of muscles near the glands
2. anything resembling this, as a drop of transparent gum; tearlike mass
3. [pl.] sorrow; grief
to fill with tears
in tears
crying; weeping

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